The farm as a place of learning

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What does sheep’s wool smell like?
Can you pet a chicken?
Is there sugar in grape juice?
Are nettles edible?

Come to our farm with your students and let the children find the answers. They will experience, understand and be amazed.
Together we create experiences in a special environment that will leave a lasting impression on the children.


The learning farm as an extracurricular place of learning offers opportunities to
– Understanding natural processes
– Getting to know working steps
– Experiencing the work on and with animals
– Dealing with animals

Possible experiences with us:

– Grapes become grape juice
– Baking with apples
– Nettles can be eaten after all
– From sheep to hat
– Petting and caring for alpacas
– Food for the bees


What can the students experience with us (e.g. from sheep to hat).

The walk to us is short, then we can start right away. The children ask their questions, find the answers themselves, get to know our animals, stroke them, observe them.
We work on the wool together, spin, card, dye, weave or felt – depending on the arrangement.
There is also a roof over our heads for breakfast in between.
And at the end, everyone takes home a piece of wool as a souvenir.

Curious about our learning farm?

I, Susanne Dicker, have been working as a special education teacher for 25 years, 14 of them at regular schools. In connection with our farm as a place of learning, I would like to convey experiences to the students not only in an abstract way, but let them experience them themselves and thus achieve more lasting learning experiences.
I would like to welcome you to our versatile farm together with master winemaker Stefan Kuntz. There we can offer students the opportunity to have a wide variety of experiences with plants, animals and the resulting products, and in the process we and perhaps the children themselves will get to know completely new sides of themselves.