“Life is too short to drink bad wine,” pretty much sums it up.


I feel joy of life when I do the daily work around my wine, most of the time. I feel joy of life when many people come to our estate and fill it with compliments and life. Living in a landscape that is green and still clean. Growing food that I need for life to a large extent myself and appreciating its value. It gives me pleasure to sit with a good glass of wine on the bench behind the house with my sheep and chickens and look over what has been created here.

I do not want to make a religion out of drinking wine. It is more uncomplicated than many wine journalists and would-be critics make it. Only you as a consumer should judge what music you like, what you like to eat and therefore what wine you like to drink.
Every year, nature presents us with a new task: to make the best possible wine from each vintage, using all our knowledge and experience. We are not always satisfied with the result, but it is our ambition and passion to reach this hundred percent.
The success shows us that we are on the right track.

Take every opportunity to slow down your life with our wine, to make it more relaxed and enjoyable.

To your health
The winemaker
Stefan Kuntz