Who can come

  • Who: Our learning farm is designed for school classes.
  • Group size: Class sizes of up to 25 children are ideal, the fewer the more intensive the contact with the animals.
  • Age: 1st to 6th grade, depending on school type
  • Time: It makes sense to bring 3 hours with you, then we can observe the animals intensively and also work on something at our stations – depending on the arrangement and the desired topic.
  • Cost: 240 euros per morning, of which 160 euros can be applied for subsidy (will be applied for by us).
  • Grant:               Eligible are school classes, also inter-grade, from 6 students.
  • Request: By mail to  lernortbauernhof@weingutkuntz.de
  • Dates:                 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or by individual arrangement.
  • How to get there: Bus 540 from Landau, bus stop Heuchelheimer Straße (Raiffeisen)