Sauvignon Blanc

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The wine

The newcomer among the whites. A wine as many like it. It is uncomplicated, pithy, tangy fresh and very aromatic. Its medium-late ripeness allows it to soak up a lot of sun, which it then shows to full advantage in the glass. Fresh green fruits, a bit of apple and star fruit flood your nose. On the finish, your palate is embraced by gooseberry and cassis.

Food recommendation

An ideal companion for all kinds of fish dishes. Also highly recommended for pasta dishes enhanced with seafood. If the chef serves a dish full of character, spiced with herbs, for example Asian, this wine is predestined to round off the menu perfectly.

The vine

In France, mainly in the Loire Valley and the department of Gironde, in Italy in Veneto and Friuli, but also in Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and most other Eastern European countries, as well as overseas under different names, the grape variety is widely distributed. It is the second most important white grape after Chardonnay. Purely varietal, it gives a fresh wine with an inimitable mineral tone.


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