Pinot noir



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Art.-Nr.: 12

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The wine

A top representative of its genre. The color is ruby red, the smell of this classic is reminiscent of violets and almond, with some spice of black pepper. On the tongue, this Pinot Noir leaves dark wild berry notes, subtle nut flavor as well as light dark chocolate. On the finish, one tastes tannins and some toasted wood that give it a lasting finish.

Food recommendation

A cheese platter with some soft cheese, a Chaumes, a Brie, a not too stringy goat cheese, a Camembert and this Pinot Noir to go with it, what do you need more? It is also an excellent companion to dark meat, such as roast beef, to game terrines and pâtés. He refines you every dark sauce and rounds off the feast.

The grapes

Pinot Noir is one of the oldest cultivated grapes, which originated in the Nile Delta. It is considered the king among red wine grapes. There is practically no renowned winery that does not have this excellent wine in its program. It can produce powerful, long-lasting red wines as well as light, easy-drinking food companions. It is also used to make many Blanc de Noir wines, white wines made from red grapes.


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