Quevri Package

Art.-Nr.: 93

Expected to be available from the end of 2023

The Package of 3 includes a 0.75 liter bottle of each Quevri.

The story: winemakers battle it out for the best Quevri wine.

One name, two generations, three winemakers go into competition for the best Quevri wine.

The 600 and 1000 liter clay amphorae are dug into the earth and filled with the most exquisite that the winery has to offer.

The result is natural wine. Without any additives, like 5000 years ago, the absolutely healthy, hand-harvested grapes are separated from their stems, slightly crushed and put into the amphorae. No yeasts, no fermentation aids and no sulfur are added. Grape skins and seeds, leached by the alcohol, give their ripe tannins to these white wines made in this way, which are thus preserved. Thus they remain resting in the quevri’s for 2 to 6 months.  Our knowledge of wine and the constant control allow ancient traditions to merge with modern winemaking. Expect very full-bodied, characterful, colorful and individual unique wines.

Quevri 1.

Winemaker Pablo Kuntz

A Yellow Muscat is selected. On the 10th of September with 85 degrees Öchsle in the Impflinger Weg, only the best grapes are harvested and placed in the 600 liter Quevri, coated with ash and beeswax. The most aromatic in the noble round.

Quevri 2.

Winemaker Elias Kuntz

A Pinot Gris harvested on September 18 with 95 degrees Öchsle in the two vineyards Pfaffenberg and Heuchelheimer Eck. Handpicked, of course. Not fully ripe berries are separated from the selected ones still in the vineyard. 90% of The vines are destemmed, crushed and poured into the 600 liter Quevri No. 2. 10% of the grapes are added whole.

Quevri 3.

Winemaker Stefan Kuntz

A Chardonnay is chosen for this. 30 year old vines from the Steingebiss. There is a need for urgency, because the September rains soften the sun-ripened berries. A negative harvest is carried out in the vineyard. This means that everything that is not in very good condition is thrown out. The 90° Oechsle Chardonnay is harvested in the afternoon to take the midday warmth with it into the 1000-liter amphora.

All three journeyman, bachelor and master wines are expected to be available for tasting in October 2023. Since we already have many requests for these Quevri natural wines and the number of bottles is limited, we cannot accept a larger order of these wines. However, there is the tasting package available with all three wines, now already as a pre-reservation.

Alcohol: Residual sugar: Acidity:

Produkt enthält: 2,25


30,22  /


Alcohol: % Vol.
Residual sugar: g/l
Acidity: g/l
Must weight: Oe°
Drinking temp.: °C
Maturity peak:
Storable until:
Histamine content:not tested