Bioland is the most important association for organic farming in Germany. 5,800 farmers, gardeners, beekeepers and winegrowers work according to Bioland guidelines. In addition, there are around 1000 partners from production and trade, such as bakeries, dairies, butchers and restaurants. Together they form a community of values for the benefit of people and the environment.

For more than 40 years, Bioland members have been working with their association to develop an ecologically, economically and socially compatible alternative to intensive agriculture that is dependent on industry and outside capital. The aim of the farmers’ daily work is the sustainable production of high-quality and healthy food. Farming in harmony with nature, promoting biodiversity and actively protecting the climate and the environment safeguard our livelihoods and preserve a diverse cultural landscape. Because organic farming means thinking about the future. The seven Bioland principles for the agriculture of the future are important cornerstones.